Data: Newham spending linked to deprivation

In an earlier post I detailed Newham’s spending as being the highest in London and the second highest per person.

Whilst this is hardly surprising as poorer boroughs need to spend more I thought I’d show this data with the aid of two heat maps.

The first is a map of the London boroughs scaled as to how much they spent per head in the tax year 2010/2011 (source: Audit Commission). You have to click on them and you’ll be taken to another site where you can zoom in and click on each borough to find out more details:

The second shows a map of the amount of people unemployed scaled against each borough. This data was produced by the GLA in 2010.


Data: Newham Council one of London’s biggest spenders

According to data from the Audit Commission Newham Council spent the most money in 2010/2011 out of all London authorities. Splitting this data per person means they are second in net expenditure next to Tower Hamlets.

In fact the Audit Commission gives details of planned expenditure for the tax year ending this month, which shows Newham eclipsing Tower Hamlets with a planned £3,704 per head.

The data compiles what authorities spend on services such as housing, sport and culture, the environment and social care.

Why is spending so high? Well preparing for the Olympics must surely take its toll as well as a brand new office block. It’s also the third most deprived area in London according to the Department for Communities and Local Government.

It’s also worth remembering that Newham is classed as an outer-London borough when it comes to government grants. Neighbours such as Tower Hamlets and Greenwich have inner-London status. This is something that the authority has tried to change in recent years.