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One thought on “Our Comment Policy

  1. I have been looking through your blog and it has been very interesting. I had planned to do something similar but did not get myself into gear fast enough! I was reading your interview with the three business owners, I share some of their views. However when I tried to find their businesses online I could not find a website for any of them! I work with local businesses in the area on online marketing services, and it is a constant challenge to educate local business owners about the importance of having their own website and not just a listing on a directory.

    During the period of the Olympics there will be lots of smartphone users trying to find places to eat outside of what is offered close to the Olympic Venue. Well guess who will get their business? The forward thinking restaurant owners who have made sure that they have mobile friendly websites. This does not apply to just restaurants it will also apply to hairdressers, pubs and clubs. Those businesses who are slow to use Internet technology are the ones likely to benefit the least from the large number of visitors during the Olympics and Para Olympics. Business Owners time to get yourself prepared, otherwise you could find yourself looking back and wishing you had taken action sooner!


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